When you enter our salon in Prague, hits you a wave pleasant and peaceful atmosphere that makes you spawn, if you wish, in the erotic tension.

You will meet with our beautiful masseuses. You will be able to select from four massage rooms. The largest is with a hot tub (with chromotherapy) another one with quality infrared sauna. All rooms have separate shower tiled spacious cabins. Massage beds at the salon RELAX ANGEL are heated. During the massage, you can choose the intensity of the heat.

Masseuse offers you at the beginning of massage procedure shared shower. We recommend this option, it´s the first step in a pleasant ignominious release body and mind.

Erotic massage or sensual massage is the use of massage techniques to achieve or enhance sexual excitement in erogenous zones of the body. Erotic massage has been a very long time used for medicinal purposes. Erotic massage can be used as a sexual therapy as a means to stimulate the libido and to increase the ability of a person to respond positively to sensual stimulation In some cases, erotic massage can be a form of foreplay without sexual satisfaction, which is intended to increase the sensitivity of the individual. In other cases, erotic massage may be used professionally to help men with early ejaculation solution to the problem. The methods used to teach the recipient can relax the muscles of your pelvis and thus prolong excitement and increase pleasure. (Source Wikipedia).

This massage uses the Japanese "toys" for men. It is a silicone egg with an opening at the wider end of the egg. It is made from medical grade silicone and almost immediately adjusts to body temperature, giving you the feeling of warm that enhances your experience. Egg, you can choose from several types. Each type simulates different structure of vagina. Did you know that women´s vaginas are also different? These eggs will allow you to trz and to feel all of the major differences. So why not try it?

The meaning of the word "tantra" can be translated as “tissue" or "spider web" in the sense of complex structures. Originally it was an intimate ritual, which should be primarily spiritual and medicinal importance. Tantric massage is a part of learning neotantra that combines sexuality with spirituality. Technique tantric massage is based on loving and healing very sensual ritual, that stimulate up energy around the body and fill it with excitement and tenderness. Part of tantric massage is massage of yoni and lingam, which are different kinds of touch, from the very subtle to dynamic. It belongs to the massage of the head and ears, washing hot towels, use of special aroma-therapeutic essential oils, fragrances and natural nourishing oils. Due tantric massage person ceases to experience orgasm only in their genitals, but transmits it as a deep, fulfilling feeling to the whole body. Beyond the immediate effects on the body and mind brings the deep experience that one can transfer to their own sex life. Tantric massage provides a tool to gradually get rid of negative emotions such as jealousy, possession, or fault. The physiological effect has a positive effect in early ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, too much stress and overall tension in your body due to overwork. Helps to greater coherence and wholeness of body and spirit.

Basically - Massage whole body. The massage begins, as massage of the entire body, gradually but completely naked masseuse increasingly affecting different parts of your partner's body and uses it to massage your own. Finally, to apply all massage therapists and body parts occurs intenyivním friction bodies. It is the very nejkontaktnější massage ever.

This massage is mainly about deep relaxation of the mind. The massage is done in semi-darkness, with only minimal lighting a candle. Quiet and soft music creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Gently touching and caressing all over the body are the dominant technique of massage. The goal is maximum deep relaxation of body and mind.

Sports massage is a massage consisting of an ordered set of appropriate massage touches that are massaged to prepare both physical and psychological aspects of the posting of a performance, or are intended to relieve fatigue and contribute to recovery. Technique attrition includes grips by which relaxes the conjoined tissue and articular ligaments. Performed foot palm, pinch, fists and thumbs. These grips are especially suitable to massage around the joints and muscles flat.

The prostate is described as a male point G. The massage can be accessed either on its external stimulation over the dam or the inside through the anus. When intense prostate stimulation, can lead to orgasm without any stimulation of the penis. The orgasm may occur without ejaculation. The massage of the prostate can also use special sex toys that can be vibrating and non-vibrating.

We recommend to try:
- Massage in the hot tub with one or two masseuses!
- Before the massage to warm the body in the infrared sauna.
- Double erotic massage - two masseuses.
- VIP Erotic massage - carried out by three masseuses!

Extra tip! - Erotic massage in the hot-tube!

So let’s ENJOY IT!!!

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