Our masseuses are selected for you the best massage oils.
What oil to massage you choose?

Basic regenerating massage oil
Massage oil for its composition to the overall regeneration. The oil used to quality blood circulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Suitable for use on tired muscles and bruises. The oil is neutral without any fragrance. Oil is medically certified. 100% anti-allergenic. This oil is used for the preparation of medicaments, as a basis for a number of drugs. Its neutrality human skin is 100%.

Cinnamon Massage Oil - Cinnamomum zeylanicum (breakdown fat cells - lose the weight during the massage.)Cinamon
Cinnamon oil causes local heating of the skin, expansion of blood vessels and thereby increases the breakdown of adipose tissue. It is mainly used in areas where signs of cellulite. After the massage is recommended for body parts to practice, thus multiplying the effect of cinnamon oil and accelerate the destruction of fat cells. Cinnamon oil also acts strongly antiseptic and pain reliever.
Indications herbs:
• accelerates the breakdown of fat cells
• No age restrictions

Almond with chocolate - massage oil (Aphrodisiac - will enhance your libido.)Chocolate

Cocoa beans and derived cocoa butter is our skin valuable source of a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Extract from chocolate blood circulation, soothes and softens the skin. Prevents dryness and restores skin elasticity. Chocolate has a very strong antioxidant effect. Aroma of chocolate inhibits the effects of stress and is also popular for its aphrodisiac effects. In combination with our luxurious almond oil nourishes the skin in an optimal manner and "spoiled". Oil can be used for massaging, but also refreshing bath.

Indications herbs:
• better blood circulation
• softens the skin
• antioxidant
• No age restrictions

Almond with lemon grass oilLemongrass

Lemon grass is a traditional medicinal herbs with aromatherapy effect. Lemon grass increases the ability to concentrate, helps reduce fever and relieve pain in muscles and joints. Overall, soothes and slightly reduces blood pressure. Positively influences digestion, improves the condition of the sebaceous glands and repels mosquitoes. Almond oil is one of the luxury cosmetic oils to improve skin quality. Oil can be used for massaging, but also refreshing bath.
It is possible to apply the oil directly to the body just before bathing.
Indications herbs:
• helps to concentrate
• reduces the temperature
• inhibits muscle pain
• No age restrictions